In love with a Mystery

In love with a Mystery

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Rose By parttimedaydreamer Updated Oct 25, 2013

Maya Jacobs has it all. Good looks, good grades, good friends, the picture-perfect family with the high status and all the money one can wish for. She lives a fairytale life ... or that's how it seems. The reality is far from it. 
But it's all about to change when a mysterious figure enters her life.

Noah Dovev is the new boy in town and all it takes is one look for Maya to fall. Something about him keeps her awake at nights, something about the way he looks so lost in thought, the way he never so much as looks at anyone, the way his hair always shadows his face, hiding him from view. Everything about him screams mysterious, drawing her towards him like a moth to a flame. 

Who knew just one look could change so much? 

"With every passing second, I keep waiting for you to just walk out and never look back," he said, his eyes boring deep into mine, his thumb tracing my bottom lip. "And yet, I'm still here," I whispered, my arms circling his waist. "And I always will be."