You Clicked Your Heels & Wished for Me {Ryan Ross x Reader}

You Clicked Your Heels & Wished for Me {Ryan Ross x Reader}

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Only 5 more minutes until lunch.

      I anxiously tapped my foot on the ground then my teacher gave a "cut it out" kind of look, so I stopped.



      I rushed out of the classroom and went to the cafeteria. Once I got to the cafeteria I looked for my only friend, Skye. I saw her wave so I speed-walked over to her and sat down.

"Hi." Skye smiled

"Hi." I repeated 

      I looked around the cafeteria and I saw him. Ryan Ross, my crush and he is also my brother's best friend. I just stared at him.

"Um, y/n? Snap out of it." Skye said, snapping her fingers in front of my face

"Huh? Oh. Sorry." I apologized as my face turned red

"It's ok. Are you ok? Your face is really red." She pointed out

"Oh, I-I'm just getting anxious. Sorry." I said trying to calm down

"It's ok. But you say 'sorry' to much." She giggled 

"Oh, um, sorry." I apologized for the third time

Skye just giggled as she continued to eat her lunch

      Skye was the only person bes...

RyanRossismyhusband RyanRossismyhusband Oct 17, 2016
I say sorry entirely too much, then I say sorry for saying sorry
Banana_gum123 Banana_gum123 Aug 29, 2016
Same; my anxiety doesn't help that I just moved and i go to a new school. I'm the emo kid sitting in the corner or in the middle of the class beside my one friend.
Thatweirdinsanegirl Thatweirdinsanegirl Oct 29, 2016
My hands always shake for some reason.-. So that's not abnormal for me
claceaf claceaf Feb 05
for some reason the bell at my school sounds like a bleep when someone is censoring someone swearing or something. is that just my school?
iampotatoe iampotatoe Sep 24, 2016
Fun fact 
                              I was learning about this but humans naturally turn to foreign objects or sounds as a way of being curious or for defensive reasons it has nothing to do with someone judging you or hating you it's a reflex we all have
                              Just in case you're conscious so you don't worry so much
Banana_gum123 Banana_gum123 Aug 29, 2016
My parent don't understand my anxiety. My whole family is like "GET OVER YOUR ANXIETY". They can't understand that I have an anxiety disorder. I'm also a selecting mute. ._,