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Sassy Mode By iristhecutie02 Updated Sep 22, 2016

"What was worst than being drunk and forgetting your keys at a party?" Going to all the parties in town and wasting time like a spoiled hipster teen: Rose Hathaway can give you the answer. She left her old life behind, but why? What's her secret?

Meet the heartbroken Dimitri Belikov, he has been neighbors with Rose for 2 years, but never once cared to get to know each other. It's like they live in a different world. In reality, the only thing that's keeping them apart is a ......wall.

But when Rose is stuck outside of her home and Dimitri is not ready to go inside, they are forced to acknowledge each other for the first time.

magiarianator magiarianator Aug 03, 2016
Please update soon! The story line in amazing, already in love with it!
Kate_Alviar_ Kate_Alviar_ Jun 19, 2016
Hey I love that person Shannon she is so nice and sweet. Such a sweet heart.
Artemis_121001 Artemis_121001 May 08, 2016
Please update!!!!!! I love this story especially with all the pictures that u use to describe the setting!!!!! It's amazing!!!!
Pipigrin Pipigrin Aug 08, 2016
Iris...thank you so much for the is wonderful!  Please continue. ...
teamhathaway teamhathaway Jun 18, 2016
Update soon I have just read this to my niece and she is blind and 18
UnknownAlienGirl UnknownAlienGirl Jul 29, 2016
Amazing!!! Please update as soon as possible ❤❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑