Inuyasha x Reader

Inuyasha x Reader

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Faith By HaveFaithinFaith22 Completed

You are a half-demon, a nine-tailed fox. But, you don't know all of your powers. One day you were at school with your only friend Kagome, as you came upon your last class Kagome asked you to come over to her place, and of course you agreed. 

     When you got to Kagome's house everybody greeted themselves and you greeted yourself. Kagome ran upstairs got her and your stuff packed ; well what you needed; and she took you to a small shrine. Then she pulled you into a well...

(Y/n) your name
(H/l) hair length
(H/c) hair color
(E/c) eye color
(A/n) authors note 
   If I forgot anything sorry and please tell me :)

Saphfox Saphfox Jul 17
I just can't help but laugh at the fact that all she has to say is "sit boy"
You dont know how many times i saw that on the tv show.... every singls time i burst out laughing....!
                              InuYasha: *glares*
                              Me: What,  don't give me that look!! 
                              InuYasha: Hmph... 
                              Me: Shut up with your stubbornness.
It's good! But, you had one misspelled word Feudal* Era. Overall, I enjoyed it so far ❤️
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA im a girl Naruto!!!!!! TIME TO STEAL SASUGAY.......heheheheheh!!!!!!
My elbows are really flexible. I can twist them pretty well and they further then they're supposed to
The_Rebel_Rose The_Rebel_Rose 5 days ago
thats actually pretty accurate. My OC's for fanfic is actually half fox..... and she does have nine tails.....