Not a one night stand[boyxboy BDSM]

Not a one night stand[boyxboy BDSM]

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Twinklishis By casgotass Updated Mar 11

Destery Gollata is like any other sixteen year old boy, sexually confused, giving in to dares, and letting temptation get the best of him. But he's also the type of kid that keeps up on his grades and does his best in school. One day, his friend Tammy persuaded him to come to a bar with her, and giving in to temptation, he ends up getting drunk and sleeping with some guy he's just met. 
Is this the biggest mistake he's made yet, or is it a realization that brings out who he really is?

Maddox Jacobs is a natural dominant, like his father. His parents raised him into the BDSM life, and quite frankly, he has never been in a normal relationship. Having got into a fight with his most recent sub, he left the poor guy and has just been sleeping around with whoever he takes a liking to. Maddox comes across a sexually confused boy named Des, and due to his innocence and stubbornness, he wants him to be his new sub. He will go to levels he's never gone to before to make sure the boy becomes his.
Will he end up falling for the boy, or will he shut his feelings out and lose him for good?

Continue reading and find out :")

WARNING: this story will be BxB and contain mature content and BDSM so please don't read if you aren't into that

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RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Aug 26, 2017
Wow. I was so focused and serious when I was reading this but then I read the author's note and laughed so hard
Possessive_Daddy_18 Possessive_Daddy_18 Jul 09, 2017
That broke me out of my trance and made me laugh😂😂😂😂👏
_69ShadesOfGay _69ShadesOfGay Feb 01, 2016
I've already fallen in love. I freaking LOOOVVEEEE the name Destery!
IReallyLoveConverse IReallyLoveConverse Aug 27, 2016
The while antisocial grades thing and especially with the supernatural is basically my life 3 sentences
deadwolfs deadwolfs Sep 05, 2016
Lol that's me I'm so antisocial and I love Supernatural that is the best show
rainbowboyy rainbowboyy Jan 31, 2016
I love stories like this.😍 It's like screaming my name to read it.