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The Only Escape (Young Justice/Robin)

The Only Escape (Young Justice/Robin)

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NightsApprentice By nightflystars Updated Nov 07, 2016

Young Justice FanFiction
  Robin was never adopted by Bruce Wayne. 
  The night of his parent's death, he chases down Tony Zucco and runs away. After spending 4 years roaming from city to city, (unknown by them) meeting the superhero's  proteges and them themselves, he decides to go back to Gotham. 
  Becoming Renegade, he annoys The League and Young Justice, most of all drives Batman crazy. Whenever they try to speak with him, he promptly disappears, unless your Batman. Why Batman? The Dark Knight himself wonders why also, but can anyone ever understand the kid with a lost past, shadowed future, or missing identity. 
  Will Renegade ever find himself?
  He must when he brings his past back to the present, with his possibly new friends in the middle of the crossfire? Or will he hide everything and lose himself deeper into the secrets that even he doesn't understand and hoped to never have? Will he ever escape what he calls his mislead life or will he have to find his only escape?

LunaBPYT LunaBPYT Mar 28
xD My age shall remain confidential but-
                              I'm less than 14 and almost 5"
What my mom won't let me so dangerous stuff oh well I'll sneak out tomorrow night
DerangedSoulEater DerangedSoulEater Nov 29, 2016
Well there goes my weekend!!! Next thing I know your gonna be telling me that setting off bombs filled with deadly gas is a hazard to my health... 
Awwww what now? Spoiled all the fun. Are you going to tell me jumping off a bridge when my friends do it is bad too???
currentlyAunicorn currentlyAunicorn Jul 11, 2016
Omg everytime I see the word "thinning" I instantly think of the spongebob movie when the king stressed that he wasn't bald just "thinning" 😂
BookyBeatle BookyBeatle Jul 31, 2016
5'8 and going to 5'9 lets just say my growth spurt still hasn't stopped.