Your Steven Universe Zodiac

Your Steven Universe Zodiac

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rebel christian kid By erwpoodle Updated Sep 12, 2016

Ever wondered which episode you are?  What character? Which stuffed animal?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the curiosity manifesto for you!

So read, vote, comment, and find out which animation error is the closest to a Capricorn!

grimes-potter grimes-potter Dec 29, 2016
since when did i wanted to shatter ruby? (reference to the answer)
marshy-scribbles marshy-scribbles 2 days ago
but I'm literally the least intimidating thing ever and I'm short-
wolfrule15 wolfrule15 Jan 11
Embrace the meme, fellow Aries, I shall share a cookie with all who agree. (Note: there is a 2% chance you will actually get cookies)
holly-blue holly-blue Jan 13
My thing is Opal and I'm extremely tall... IM A GIANT WOMAN!