Your Steven Universe Zodiac

Your Steven Universe Zodiac

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rebel christian kid By erwpoodle Updated Sep 12, 2016

Ever wondered which episode you are?  What character? Which stuffed animal?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the curiosity manifesto for you!

So read, vote, comment, and find out which animation error is the closest to a Capricorn!

Rubies are red,
                              Sapphires are blue.
                              Put them together,
                              And they're stronger than you!
YAY!!!!!! I'm emotional! I care about my friends! I cry a lot!! (Secretly!)
means I'm pearl, means I'm garnet, which means I'm ruby and sapphire.
Dude pls change pisces, its actually supposed to be aquamarine ...
woah cool I'm Pink diamond I really want a reveal of her soon ._.
I wanted to be yellow diamond or blue diamond, either way I'm still happy.