Your Steven Universe Zodiac

Your Steven Universe Zodiac

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rebel christian kid By erwpoodle Updated Sep 12

Ever wondered which episode you are?  What character? Which stuffed animal?

Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the curiosity manifesto for you!

So read, vote, comment, and find out which animation error is the closest to a Capricorn!

FusionLeaf4343 FusionLeaf4343 2 days ago
Ok im amethyst i do love chips video games and jokes and having fun so......
OMG I'M SAPPHIRE AND MY BFF IS A CANCER AND RUBY. while this is because that's my birthstone it is also great
TaylorThePeridot TaylorThePeridot 2 days ago
The thing is, my friends and I have already all agrees that I am peridot 😂 I mean look at my user name lol
Hehe since my birthday is so close to a Leo but am a Virgo am actually a peridot
                              MY DIAMOND
                              YOUR DIAMOND
                              PINK... DIAMOND!!!!
_gaytrash _gaytrash 4 days ago
All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a giant woman, A GIANT WOMAN!
                              It's funny that I'm opal and Steven calls her a giant woman because I is very very short