Meeting The Bad Boys

Meeting The Bad Boys

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Destiny Randall By dprandall21 Completed

"When you love someone, you'll know the moment you see them. A new flame will rise in your chest, begging you to tell them the truth. But in reality... your heart can be deceived."


Chloe Grant is seventeen years old. She's the typical nerd, with all straight A's. She has never gotten into any trouble. 

Until now. 

After an incident with the schools' Bad Boys, things will never be the same. You've heard of the cliché bad boy and good girl falling for each other, right? Well, what happens when two bad boys fall for the good girl? You choose, of course.  

But things never go the way you plan them to.

- - Jul 18
Maybe do say mocking her. I'm not sure if that would be better. Just try it. It's your book so do whatever you want