Death Saved Me

Death Saved Me

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Most Modest Mouse By RageGawdess Updated Jan 20

I slowly took one leg over the railing then the other as I stood on the bridge. Staring down at the river below me I took a deep breath.

This is it. 

"Are you sure you want to do that?" I heard a deep dark, cold voice ask. 

Snapping my head to the side I saw a figure standing there in a dark hood. Or was it more like a robe with a hood on it? What stood out the most though was the long weapon in his hand. It stood as tall as him and looked deadly. The end looked like a personalized knife. There was something eerie and sinister about it and it's owner.

"What?" My voice sounded foreign to my ears. It was hollow and void of emotion. I guess being cheated on and threatened does that to a person.

"I said.. Are you sure you want to do that?" He asked again more slowly.

"Yes I am." Before I could blink he appeared next to me ripping my arms off the bridge. I screamed as I started falling to my death.

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hanselgretel5 hanselgretel5 Sep 15, 2017
It's interesting and so fascinating how our minds try to portray death. I guess we have our creativity to do that !!
cloutburst cloutburst Jan 28, 2017
We're all Duffs, which one do you mean? - *whispers* I'm my own best friend *smiles creepily*
ActingQueen888 ActingQueen888 Feb 09, 2017
you really shouldnt be with him if he acts like waiting 3 months is enough time you should be with someone who will wait as long as you need