Purely Yours

Purely Yours

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Mary ツ By Marystar1212 Updated Feb 09, 2015

He held out his hand to me and I glanced up to look at him through my eyelashes. His black tattoo-like mark was identical to my golden yellow one and I gazed back into his deep blue eyes.

I didn’t hesitate as a smile fluttered across my lips as I reached out, clasping his hand and he smiled back.

“You’re really mine.”

I laughed. “I’m purely yours…”

Meet Emmalyn. Smart, shy and all tomboy. She’s the one person that would prefer a classic novel over a hot guy any day. The one girl who would always put those she loves before herself. 
People call her a nerd, others a loner, though one boy has a different name for her.
Emmalyn without knowing it is thrust into a world she never thought true and what happens when she’s forced to open her heart to one person, one boy, one guy that was supposably made for her?
We’ll have to see if she’s Purely his now won’t we?

  • blood
  • danger
  • death
  • emmalyn
  • lucifer
  • mark
  • threat
  • xavier