My God Of Calamity (Yato x reader)

My God Of Calamity (Yato x reader)

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Anime Girl By _anime_kitty_girl Updated Sep 28

Gods aren't supposed to feel anything that is known to human emotion, it is against their nature and their body simply won't allow it.  
However when God of calamity Yato meets this girl everything could change for the best and worst. 

Warnings: swearing, violence, spoilers, lemon/fluff/ implied, possible shipping 

I may make references to the anime, however they may not be accurate and they may not Be in order this is done on purpose for the sake of the story.  

I do not own the anime or characters I only own the end product of this story. 

Enjoy x

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Ovskyaya Ovskyaya May 29
Anyone else kinda confused I know that "I" tried to commit suicide and Yato showed up and for some reason knows us but Im clueless of everything else
Lol glad to know tht the all powerful and mighty god yato knows tht his an idiot himself cx
LeSenpai LeSenpai Sep 18, 2016
If I was Yato's regalia he'd.... LETS JUST SAY IM WORSE THAN YUKINE LOL
badwolfgirl82 badwolfgirl82 Dec 22, 2016
Waittttt...........  So phantoms are responsible for suicide?
Eclipse_star_ Eclipse_star_ May 25, 2016
Wait.... Did.... Me just commit scuicide with a lamp? *realizez she probably skipped a line* ok. Re reading.
badwolfgirl82 badwolfgirl82 Dec 22, 2016
I will keeeeel you with this lamp. Keeeeel you!  O dont mind the blood. Thats from the last god I keeeeeeled with this lamp.