A Pirate's Love ✔

A Pirate's Love ✔

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Bunny Kook By VoltageKpopAnime16 Completed


When soon to be mistress of the house, tough, stubborn, and not at all lady like Rizuki Carribea runs away from the palace of the kingdom of Suzuhara she accidentally boards the ship of pirates. Not just any pirates too, but the crew Sirius pirates. Rizuki willingly goes with them as a chance to be free and not worry about her royal duties. However, she will be followed and the kingdom will not rest until she is safe in the palace once more. Rizuki will do anything to escape the life of a proper young lady even if that means always having dirty clothes, smelling bad for weeks, living with sweaty men, or living with pirates. Within time will the Sirius pirates finally come to except her?

We shall see...

(Of course I do not own any of the voltage inc. characters. The plot for this story is completely from my imagination. I am using the characters from, as you can see on the cover, Pirates In Love.)

  • adventure
  • humour
  • pirates
  • piratesinlove
  • random
  • romance
  • treasure
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Kiss-me-in-Paris Kiss-me-in-Paris Jul 23, 2016
This sounds a lot like Nathan. Did Nathan have a kid?! Omg!!!!
rosie_cappuccino_99 rosie_cappuccino_99 Feb 12, 2016
I like the picture. Wait is Nathan in the prologue the same Nathan as in the characters part?
Freakin_Sucks Freakin_Sucks Jul 15, 2016
Ryssell is my type of guy and hes hot too for a anime character
I_Love_Barbecue_Pork I_Love_Barbecue_Pork Apr 12, 2016
Eduardo hahahhahahahhahahhahah I know it was suppose to be pronounce Edward but it's still hilarious