Unspoken // BxB Ohshc

Unspoken // BxB Ohshc

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Katsuki Zion.

He walked into the room, Unaware of what lay beyond it.

7 men.

The Cool Type.

The Sly and Mischievous Type.

The Natural Type.

The Strong, Silent Type.

The Lolita Type.

And the Princely Type.

'Welcome to the Ouran Highschool Host club, My Princess.'

The 9 words that he assumed had been Unspoken, were Spoken 

    Ok but how does tamaki knows this much about modeling and clothes like , no, just, no
    AwkwardKing- AwkwardKing- Sep 11, 2016
    I SHIP IT!!!! But I still ship Haruhi x Tamaki tho so....... I CANT DECIDE!!!!!!
    Is it ok if I died when I saw the picture XD then I came back to life to fangirl
    Ky-Sama_Kitsune Ky-Sama_Kitsune Jun 16, 2016
                                  GDRAGON AND TOP OMG TAEYANG AND DAESUNG ALSO SEUNGRI!!!!
    Kuroh-Kun Kuroh-Kun Jul 10, 2016
    *sees the long hair*
                                  Fūćking Big Bang......
                                  *screams into pillow*
                                  I'm fine (≧∇≦)
    Ruzu_76 Ruzu_76 Feb 24, 2016
    GAY AND PROUD (my mom hasn't spoken to me for over a year now ;-;)