[BOOK ONE] Training Prince Arrogant (INTENSE EDITING)

[BOOK ONE] Training Prince Arrogant (INTENSE EDITING)

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Deanna By michelle_kirsti Completed

Lyra, daughter of the Duke, has a wonderful life. She stands up for what she believes in and is loved and adored by many but all has gone from bad to worse when she's sent to the Royal House of the Theodorian's. There, she faces her long time enemy and begins round two of their twisted tango of hatred. Brendan, Prince and First Son of Kalkaska.

Strong feelings of hatred lingers between them and with Lyra's cunning intelligence and Prince Brendan's audacious mouth, a contract is set in motion will the two grow to detest each other even more or will they both find love? Will she be able to defend herself from him? Or will she admit defeat?

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Asher_Rosaline Asher_Rosaline May 24, 2015
There a saying called "mutub" or something like that but it mean 'it is written'
WhiteWolfie15 WhiteWolfie15 Nov 28, 2014
um.. I'm confused ((sorry 'bout the too many comments from my silly self))
DilahAzhar DilahAzhar Aug 22, 2014
gonna read this book more..,a little bird told me Miranda Kerr's inside...
lailalove12 lailalove12 Apr 18, 2014
Idk y wen I read this I thought of the terminal movie crackosia
the_astonished_youth the_astonished_youth Dec 23, 2013
omfg how do you forgetttt!?!?!!? and yes for newcomers this is sooo much bettter. you will thoroughly enjoy this story!!! yeahhhh buddyyy :D let the wave of crazy fangirls begin!
katie_922 katie_922 Dec 23, 2013
This deserves more than two votes. COME ONE PEOPLE!! But wait who is it. This doesn't sound like Lyra....