Lifeline: Taylor and Anna

Lifeline: Taylor and Anna

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A N I By anixilluri Updated Mar 26, 2017

"And, Taylor, do you know who picked up your signal?" Dr. Braxton tapped his clipboard with his pen, the clicks the only sound in the room.

He ran a hand through his thick brown hair and sighed. "Honestly, I don't know."

"But without that person, I wouldn't have survived."


At 22 years old, 3 years after his rescue from a desolate moon, Cadet, now Major, Taylor Nielsen is the confident and dashing head of the Varia Space Organization, an all-purpose organization researching alien life and sending ships into the deeper reaches of space. But behind closed doors, he is troubled by a missing detail in his space adventure that he is desperate to find out:

Who found him, and why did they stick with him?

21 year old Anna Rivers is your normal college student, with her biology major in sight. But hidden from her family, friends, and the press, was the fact that she was the person Taylor contacted 3 years ago when he was lost in space, and that she was the one that guided him through the barren landscape until the White Star came and rescued him. 

Through a chance meeting, will Taylor and Anna's resulting friendship turn into something more? Or will their deepest questions and darkest fears go unanswered and unaddressed?