Bite Me z.h

Bite Me z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Updated Jul 09, 2016

[ziall ; completed]
[sequel to Silverchair]

Several years later, Niall is moving out of his parents house. 

He's turning 22 and he's still with Zayn. They're not dating, just simply dom and sub.

Niall and Zayn have to face new problems, they're out of school and going to work but now the parents are trying to get involved more with the boys

As the years went on, the sex got rougher and more violent, till the point where Niall would never leave the bedroom without a new mark somewhere on his body

Their neighbours, who were both homophobic often heard the two boys and one day called in for domestic violence

Warning: contains offensive language and sex.

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SacratesAlwaysstands SacratesAlwaysstands Nov 22, 2016
Longing for a sub of your caliber. Keep writing my friend. Your stories are the only ones that rile me up.
StankyPieceOfFish StankyPieceOfFish Mar 20, 2016
My pop-pop has a beard and it would scratch me when he kissed me.
neilohneil neilohneil Apr 25, 2016
wait (excuse me if I'm wrong I've only read some stories with this in it so forgive me!!) but I thought that you aren't aloud to talk about the relationship? not that you can't say ur together but the things you do? or am I totally wrong haha 😂🙃
TheWordsYouSpoke TheWordsYouSpoke Feb 05, 2016
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! ...Sorry, couldn't help it. Harry has ruined me in the best way.
idekboo idekboo Feb 05, 2016
Yay and I love your author notes just as much as the stories.
murderizedlarry murderizedlarry Feb 06, 2016
fun fact: I had a dream last night that I gave someone a handjob