Snow - BTS Rap Monster x Reader

Snow - BTS Rap Monster x Reader

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Steph By stephjjk Completed

You were walking around in the park, you loved the cold winter time, especially the snow. You were listening to music, humming along. You closed your eyes for a mere moment, and when you opened them again, you heard a male voice yelling 
"HAH! HYUNG YOU MISSED ME". The boy was laughing and you also heard some other voices, and suddenly something white flashed right in front of your eyes.

Then, the snowball hit the tree next to you. You stopped abruptly, you eyes widened.
You turned around, to the direction the ball was coming from, and saw 7 boys standing in the snow. 

"YAH! LOOK WHERE YOU ARE THROWING THOSE SNOWBALLS", you yelled back. You grinned and threw a snowball back at them. It hit one of them.

They stared at you, and one of them walked to you.

"Sorry for scaring you like this, I missed my friend", the boy who you hit said, his voice was deep and raspy. "I-it's okay", you replied, blushing a bit since he looked quite good. He grinned goofily, rubbing the back of his neck. "...

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