Torn //Kylo Ren

Torn //Kylo Ren

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I let out a frustrated sigh and growled under my breath, thinking. "Kylo, he was going to kill you for something that wasn't your fault. It was wrong," 

He paused, looking at me, and I saw a flicker of something in his usually dull, empty brown eyes. "But we both know it's more than that, don't we?" 

None other than the infamous sociopath, Kylo Ren, would be the one to teach the former Stormtrooper, Y/N, the ways of the dark side, and how to manipulate the Force. 

But sooner than she thought, she began to almost care about the heartless mess, and felt a strange sense of protectiveness of him that she couldn't understand. 

Y/N must fight her fate; darkness. 
But with so many enemies, how can she?

(This is set around half way through TFA)

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starynightblues starynightblues Oct 27, 2016
Well how else would she practice my friend? Wait that's probably an obvious question with an obvious answer...
nobodyImportant57 nobodyImportant57 Sep 12, 2016
: me when he removed his helmet for the first time in the movie
InspireTheFire InspireTheFire Sep 13, 2016
When he revealed his face my sister and I looked at each other like 'ooohhh' and inside i literally thought. "If thats how the dark side looks sign me up'"
StrongerThanILook StrongerThanILook Aug 26, 2016
He looks like he could be Professor Snape's son. Not that it's a bad thing. 😂😂😂
donnynovitski donnynovitski Sep 06, 2016
rip me bring cookies to my funeral. i'll leave nothing in my will for u kylo
hxlycas hxlycas Aug 19, 2016
Ugh thank u all of the other ones r like immediate love like no