【 Stray Ties 】Noragami Yato x Hiyori

【 Stray Ties 】Noragami Yato x Hiyori

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What are these feelings?

Can a God like me love someone mortal like her?


Yato's living his usual life like he always does, but then he's starting to realize that whenever he's with Hiyori, he's feeling weird. 
Will Yato realize that he's in love with her and confess?

>Yato x Hiyori< 

《Yato's POV ( point of view )》

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random_00 random_00 Aug 21
U cants get tired from a nap 
                              Naps help u stop being tired 
                              Use ur head yato 😧
random_00 random_00 Aug 21
But ur dead 😨
                              Does school follow to the other side too 😱
I'm grinning like an idiot over her. I must look crazy! Oh well.
random_00 random_00 Aug 21
U anit gonna wash that cup 
                              OH SO NOW KOFUKU WORKS FOR U 😠
Yukine doesn't care if he's dead. He wants to live a normal life 😊
random_00 random_00 Aug 21
What she looking at yato can wear female underwear if he wants 
                              ITS A FREE COUNTRY AND EVERYONE IS WELCOMED