【 Stray Ties 】Noragami Yato x Hiyori

【 Stray Ties 】Noragami Yato x Hiyori

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What are these feelings?

Can a God like me love someone mortal like her?


Yato's living his usual life like he always does, but then he's starting to realize that whenever he's with Hiyori, he's feeling weird. 
Will Yato realize that he's in love with her and confess?

>Yato x Hiyori< 

《Yato's POV ( point of view )》

Hope you like my Yatori fanfic ;) 
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AirakoKitten AirakoKitten Dec 18, 2016
Yukine just vanishes then? XD
                              But Hiyori has to be the pet cat.
OkatuOkatu OkatuOkatu Dec 24, 2016
I steal my brother's food at times~  whats the difference -3-?
giuliapie giuliapie Dec 28, 2016
nooooo definitely nooooot, it's not like you guys didn't share a hundred scenes where you almost kissed whaaaaat noooooo
RinTheRadiatedHeart RinTheRadiatedHeart Dec 21, 2016
Wjnsgysuiajdbgydujsabgshwjwnbwhajamsbwhwjwj *can't stop fanboying because this Is my OTP.*
                              Yukine : do I have permission to talk?
                              Yato: who gave you permission to talk?!
                              Yukine: ...
I just read his name as Yukino. Why. Me and my anime obsessions XD