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MatPat x Reader

MatPat x Reader

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Yoongi's Waterbottle By the-imperfect Updated May 17

This is a little fanfic about my favorite theorist MatPat! (Matthew Patrick for all you people who have no idea who I'm talking about.) Actually, if you don't know who I'm writing about, why are you reading this? This will be told from a girl's point of view. Please message me if you would like a separate story from a guy's point of view. I have nothing against his wife! They are soo adorable together! But at one point, and I think we can all admit this, I had a little puppy crush on him. LEAVE YOUR CONFESSION IN THE COMMENTS SO I KNOW IM NOT ALONE. But hey, this is just a story, a fan fiction story! Thanks for reading.

Wow, bro are you in my high school class 7cn Because,  BOI YOU JUST DISCRIBED A BOY WHO'S NAME IS DAKODA AND HE LOOKS JUST LIKE THAT
I have an imaginary friend named charlie.....I HAVE NO FRIENDS DONT JUDGE!!!!
                              P.S. their a girl.
All my "friends" tease me about liking the old one better than the new one
AbbyDoucet AbbyDoucet Mar 13
Canada >:3 I actually know how to make maple syrup best thing living in Canada XD
There's someone from Sweden and Germany
                              I live in Kansas, USA
Lmao if you're 17 and go to a party with alcohol and don't drink you're gonna get the piss taken out of you forever by your friends (in England idk about other places)