Hostage of the Heart

Hostage of the Heart

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Megabucks By Megabucks Updated Jun 01, 2015

Hectic.  That was the word to spring to Desiree Love's mind when she thought of her day.  She lost her job, lost her lover... Things couldn't get any worse, right?  And then on that dark night she met worse in the back seat of her car as a weapon was pressed to her temple and an arm secured around her throat.  

So, lost her job, lost her lover, and now lost her freedom. However, was being kidnapped by Piper Redding such a bad thing?

***I decided to post this with an R-rating due to some violent/disturbing content.

- - Jul 16
At last! Lesbian abduction. Been searching forever. Can anyone recommend similar?
This sounds good ;) will continue reading... Your stories are so addictive i'm going to have a pair of glasses because of you
Indecipherablistic Indecipherablistic Jun 09, 2015
Oh my god I feel so sorry 4 her.. If im ever in a bad situation ill just think of how lucky I am compared to this girl (even if she's fictional) :) :PP
Tori9107 Tori9107 Dec 03, 2014
@megabucks you're very welcome, can't wait for the next update ;)
Tori9107 Tori9107 Dec 02, 2014
@megabucks I literally just squealed like a 5 year old girl cos you replied to my comment lol.. Your work is pure genius dude
icantthinkstr8 icantthinkstr8 Sep 10, 2014
ummmhhh! u really do how to get me..haizt!  ( first hilarie & jessica, now j. love hewit is in d room? O.O WoW...  <u really love what u do> megabucks :) tc