One Hundred and Eighty Two Days ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction)

One Hundred and Eighty Two Days ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction)

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"Stuck with you, that's not so bad" 

Rose and the Doctor are stranded 6 months in the past on Earth with no way of escaping. The only way to get back to their normal timezone is to live out those 6 months on Earth. Jobs, shopping, getting a house, and living in such close quarters to each other proves a challenge to them both. But how will these 6 months effect them? Could the hardship of living together draw them closer to something more than "just friends"?...

~All characters owned by BBC (except ones I create along the way)~

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AyeshaS401 AyeshaS401 Oct 27, 2016
omgomgomg i love how u added that he tugged his ear cuz he soooo does that lots of times in the show and i could totally imagine him doing it yasss great writing skilllzzzzz ❤️❤️❤️👍👍😂😭😭😂
gcgonzalez gcgonzalez Jun 02, 2016
This the TARDIS being fed up with the tension and taking matters into her own hands to get them together
OneShotsGiveMeLife OneShotsGiveMeLife Sep 01, 2016
See what you did there... The radiator its broken, you could sonic it, BUT let's forget about that for a moment and let's cuddle. Honestly, no problem about it ;)
FlareGunGrimes FlareGunGrimes Jun 13, 2016
Ha. You think you're not a couple. You have funny jokes, young Rose. 😏
FlareGunGrimes FlareGunGrimes Jun 13, 2016
What is Rose's parallel-universe-brother doing in a rickety old inn?
Whoviandemigod97 Whoviandemigod97 Sep 19, 2016
I am currently trying to look normal in public. It is very difficult.