The dragon's fate

The dragon's fate

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We were all born different with a destiny ahead that only we could conquer. Some of us were born to be leader, some teachers and some preachers. We all have a different soul made from the remains of starts, that created us. There are more than just one universe, in fact there are seven including earth land, we like to call them kingdoms. They all differ and yet without one, the balance would cease to exist causing a great shift in power and law.

My name is Xylia Smith, thought I am not sure about the surname now. And I never asked - well maybe I did ask for my life to change, though it never predicted this.

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Are my eyes playing with me cause I swear I see M-U-M not M-O-M is this author from England, Australia or New Zealand
NeonyWolf NeonyWolf Jul 16, 2017
                              Sorry it's just u said grat instead of  great for great grandmother more than 2x
MindMoon MindMoon Aug 05, 2017
I was wondering what a grate grandma looks like. I think you meant great?
GeaTerra GeaTerra Aug 19, 2017
Try not to say all the time the same words. And you can put a little bit of the girl's feelings and thoughts in it to make it more personal. Only as advice.
MytheDefender MytheDefender Mar 27, 2017
ahh, always nice to say good buy to someone at the beginning of a vacation, although I think you meant Good bye. I reeky enjoy your story!
GeaTerra GeaTerra Aug 19, 2017
I think you mean "went", but you can of course also want to be mad.