The Phrontistery

The Phrontistery

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Seeking punctual, trustworthy adventurers, heroes, and thrill-seekers for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All expenses paid. Loss of life and limb may occur. Must be over eighteen.

Inquire within.

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What Readers Are Saying

I am more than pleased that The Phrontistery is what reopened my eyes to the world of magic...The Phrontistery has a wide spread of characters; not only in the sense that there are multiple story lines that interweave into a single one but also in the sense that the characters range in age and race...Salonika's writing style is impeccable. Every scene in this story played out in my mind as if it were it's own movie. I could feel the emotion, the passion, everything that the characters were conveying as well as the actual setting of the book--Folly-upon-Phlox is a place that I would happily visit any time...You write like a bona fide professional. Your story has the elegance of a published novel...A story like yours belongs on my shelf. 
- Tyler @panicaladisco

Oh my goodness this is so well written! I am a fantasy addict so I knew I would probably like reading this but wow! Just wow! The summary had me hooked and i'm totally bookmarking this for a rainy day at uni! I'm certain I'll love this - the vibe your story gives off is incredibly professional and refined and I am so eager to know what is going to happen.
- Imogen @ImogenSmiley

I'm not typically a fantasy reader, but this is an exception. This was REALLY good. Not to mention the plot was really original.
- Connor @plottwistsarebae

This was such a fantastical chapter! I really enjoyed it. It was humourous and entertaining, and the magic elements gave off a Merlin vibe, which I love.
- Taylor @Homely8

I'm all for magical bookstores. So far, this reminds me a tad of Harry Potter the way magical or supernatural elements are woven it so seamlessly that we totally suspend our disbelief :-)
- Leia @leia009

You summed up a place that I literally live in with one sentence. 
                              I LOVE YOU!!!
letusfallup letusfallup Sep 08
Even the nail? Where is the nail? Is he going to tell Arlo where the nial is, because Arlo has no idea that its lost nail is in the shop.
Awesome chapter! you're very good at hooking before in from the beginning I love that. Again, how are you making these cute little emojis, what sorcery is this mortal?
                              Your flow, excellent as always with no sentence breakage what so ever. I can see you spend a lot of love and time on your stories.
letusfallup letusfallup Sep 08
Rereading and now totally imaging that one dude from DBZ here... cx
letusfallup letusfallup Sep 08
When you said: "A really ugly, monstrous child." All I could Invision was the opening scene to Meet the Spartans.
letusfallup letusfallup Sep 08
Explain his character a bit more, or add description to his yelling. He seems a bit bipolar right now to me ^^"