This Isn't A Damn Cinderella Story

This Isn't A Damn Cinderella Story

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Kat By katmadison Updated Feb 12

He met her one night at a party, the moment he saw her it was instant attraction and lust at first sight, but she disappeared on him, leaving him in a state of frustration and anger. Adam Norse was a man who always got what he want and he was determined to tear the city looking for the beautiful African-American siren that had escaped him.  

This story is a light romantic comedy about two people from completely opposite lifestyles whose personalities crash like a train wreck,yet are drawn to each other like magnets because of their sexual attraction to each other. Eve is a working class sassy African American woman who lives for the moment without any thought to her future.  Adam is a spoiled billionaire white man who has never had to work a day in his life and thinks the world revolves around him. 

Will these two be able to make a shallow agreement concerning their relationship work or will it end up crashing as badly as their personalities?

This was not supposed to be an ongoing story. This story was only supposed to be five chapters. FIVE CHAPTERS people! It was supposed to be short, funny, and sweet. A little side story to amuse myself with. I guess it got to be a little too entertaining from the demands of my readers to write more chapters and turn it into a full blown novel. Ah well. Glad everyone's enjoying it. I am still having way too much fun writing it.

  • comedy
  • interracial
  • love-at-first-sight
_uniquemind_ _uniquemind_ Oct 04, 2017
Right you beautiful people must have  it hard sorry can't relate 😂 I've got eAsY hahahaha *realizes it means I'm ugly, cries*
Reading_AJ Reading_AJ Jun 30, 2017
Server reminds me of the bicycle guy from a movie I watched who was watching a beautiful geisha and flipped over into some baskets.
Reading_AJ Reading_AJ Jun 30, 2017
When you trying to be sneaky and slick but failing miserably.
joeyjean569 joeyjean569 Mar 14, 2016
Hmm what a delightful first chapter. Loved it. I'm very intrigued.
TeaxJae TeaxJae Sep 09, 2016
Oh em gee I can't even get through the first chapter lmfao wooooh
LucyMangoXX LucyMangoXX Jun 27, 2016
Um.... ok....would you like a taste of  some margarita topped er.....assets?