Ncis || The New Agent ||

Ncis || The New Agent ||

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Help guys. This is my first fanfic story so I'm  terribly sorry if it's bad. I will try make it as good as I can. Please comment if you think there is anything I can do to improve!
 * DISCLAIMER:  I don't own Ncis or the characters. All I own is the story line , the friend characters and your character.* 

✨-------COMPLETED  6/7/16 -----------✨

You are an 18yr university student who is always on top of the class and is very creative and a amazing drawer. Your parents are in the navy and hardly home so you have lots of time to study. You have been interested in criminology your whole life and started studying it in year 10. You have always wanted to be a Ncis agent and your working your way up to it. 

One day when you got home from school you felt something was different...Maybe even wrong...

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