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The Wrong One

The Wrong One

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Kathleen Botelho By Kat_Botelho99 Updated Apr 16

We all know that when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Names attacked Godric hollow Lilly and James died while harry lived and was sent to the Dursleys, but what if Harry's parents lived? What if Harry had a twin who was mistaken for the Boy-Who-Lived and they sent to him to the Dursleys so they could focus on his brother, what if the Dursleys liked magic? And what if dudley could do magic? And lastly what if the potters thought they could get harry back when he turned 11? But what if he doesn't want to go back?

lil_light lil_light Mar 27
Why would lily even say that they didn't want him when they could've just told her the truth 
                              I'm not sure what to think here
lil_light lil_light Mar 27
H ome 
                              O pulent (look it up)
                              G inormous
                              W homping willow
                              A mazing
                              R adical
                              T ons of fun
                              S quid
do Harry and Dudley both get sorted into the same house? And if they do, do they share a dorm?
dlkay999 dlkay999 a day ago
Voldemort attacked when he, or they since theres 2, were 1 and her be 13 in 10 years and therefore not in first year but in third year
Twilightthesnowflake Twilightthesnowflake Dec 27, 2016
                              You're one hell of a nice plot twister 
                              You're amazing
GigglingWitch GigglingWitch Aug 29, 2016
Um... How is it 10 years later when they're only 11 (from age 3 to 11 is only 8 years)?