Loving The Father

Loving The Father

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I was a widow, who vowed to love only my ex-husband. But someone else came into my life and brought color into my world. He was a father, a young one, not some sugar daddy type. But a 23 year old man who could've been a bachelor at his day and age. I applaud him for raising his daughter on his own, but knowing I couldn't be his first priority was a sacrifice I was willing to take. Along the way many trials arose. The ones I loved turned out to be the ones who lied to me. And the one that left me kept my secret in the dark for the longest. I suffered a lot not just emotionally but physically.
 But through those obstacles I managed to lift myself up. That's where Charlie came into the picture, he was the light that showed me a world of new opportunites. It was the where I fell for him and vice versa. Now where will our love take us? 
  Started: February 18, 2016
  Finished: October 17, 2016
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I thought our love story was just beginning, but you know what they say, 'All good things must come to an end.' And now we are closing the book on our love story. It's sad to say that this was all a game. I never thought that the person closest to you will be the one to hurt you. Now it's different he's made it clear that I am oblivious in his eyes when in reality I am playing his game. Watching his every move and thinking about ways to win. Now that he's changed, I too have changed and these changes will now test how far we are willing to go in terms of getting what we want. 

Started: October 18, 2016

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I think this is going to be the start of blossoming love between Karen and Charlie👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍😍😍
SunKissedPinay SunKissedPinay Apr 21, 2016
Thank you! Originally it was suppose to be the other way around, but this time I wanted to change things up. Thanks for voting! 😆