Fighting Blind [Published]

Fighting Blind [Published]

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E. Marie By ElannaMarie Updated Jun 06, 2017

‼️*Warning: Last ten chapters have been taken down. Read at your own risk.‼️

"Answer my question," the mystery man growled but I simply continued to ignore him. Following where the powerful presence was coming from, I stopped when he was right in front of me. Reaching out, I felt my hand touch a prickly cheek. What I wasn't expecting was the sudden explosion of colors and electricity zip through me. Gasping I pulled back but a large calloused hand gripped mine in a tight hold.

The one word that I never dreamed of ever hearing was suddenly spoken.



Kei Valancia, a blind young werewolf, has traveled all over and has visited hundreds of weak packs to train them and leaving behind the best fighters in the world. Yet, Kei hides a secret that nobody knows. 

Ryker Dare, Alpha King, has lived many years, seen many wars, and has spilled much blood by his own hands. So it's no surprise that he has given up on ever finding his mate. 

So, what happens when Ryker runs into Kei while visiting a neighboring pack?

Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf 6/12/16

Cover made by  _DEMiiGODDESS_

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- - Apr 01, 2017
omg haven't even read the story but the cover of the book 😍 omg
-xXTheWolfGirlXx- -xXTheWolfGirlXx- May 24, 2017
Am I the only one that read all rights perverted 😭😂😅
PrincessSindyLu PrincessSindyLu Oct 07, 2017
And just saying: I NEVER vote for books. Ever. This is literally my first book I've genuinely voted for
3Apricity 3Apricity Jun 25
Haha. I bought this book so i can read the last 10 chapters😂 about to read it all over again since its been months since I read it on here.
-loserr -loserr Mar 24
this is my 4th time reading this book and i absolutely never get tired of it
PrincessSindyLu PrincessSindyLu Oct 07, 2017
I'm so fuking glad I found this motherfuking book ❤️❤️❤️ imma vote for every chapter cause of how happy I am that I found my two favorite things in one:
                              • A blind Romance novel
                              • A werewolf love story