Arranged Marriage | Min Yoongi

Arranged Marriage | Min Yoongi

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Why does destiny have to bring all the sad, happy memories back?

Why do they have to meet once again?

In an arranged marriage?

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Yoongi not marrying you when you have converse high on honey
R.I.P first impression. She's wearing that SUGA sweater/ t shirt whatever right? And what if Suga comes in like a bauss and sees his future wife wearing that. Ouch
Is it only me the one who always play in the stroller and sleep on 3 pm and wake up on 3:35 to eat?
jia1004 jia1004 3 days ago
god bless you girl~~~~!! can i be you gurl??? suga my hubby!!
I'd laugh my ass off out of no where, I swear to god I'm that awkward.
minygsg minygsg Oct 04
JUST BE HAPPY AND ENJOY UR LIFE or if u want switch life with me pleaseu