arranged marriage | min yoongi

arranged marriage | min yoongi

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why does destiny have to bring all the sad, happy memories back? ⏳

why do they have to meet once again? 👫

in an arranged marriage? 💍

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Lamik1105 Lamik1105 Jan 15
So that means that junghwa is me right??? Omo im so luckyy xD
btsderp_mastyle btsderp_mastyle Oct 22, 2016
Is it only me the one who always play in the stroller and sleep on 3 pm and wake up on 3:35 to eat?
margelcross margelcross Jan 06
Hmm let's see..
                              My bias is Kim Taehyung
                              Then it turns into Jung Hoseok
                              Then into Kim Seokjin
                              Then to Kim Namjoon, to Park Jimin to Jeon Jungkook and it's Min Yoongi.
                              Thank you Min Yoongi.
                              You ruined my bias list.
                              Now I HAVE NO FUDGING BIAS!
jia1004 jia1004 Dec 01, 2016
god bless you girl~~~~!! can i be you gurl??? suga my hubby!!
jungkookie275 jungkookie275 Dec 26, 2016
Somehow she has similarities with Harry Potter..
                              HP ver : "I'm.. I'm a WIZARD?! "
                              FanFic ver " " I AM MARRYING MIN YOONGI?!"
Yoongii_gc Yoongii_gc Dec 12, 2016
SAME ! I started liking kpop because of SNSD when I was 14 ;-;