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Eyes Of A God (Creepypasta X Reader) Discontinued

Eyes Of A God (Creepypasta X Reader) Discontinued

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Eyes_Of_A_Wizard By shy_wizard5204 Updated 3 days ago

You are a Wish Granter. Your name is 
Y/N L/N. You are the last of your kind. You can grant any wish. Even your own.  Unlimited power.  A Corrupted soul. A killer. You are know as Midnight. What happens when this corrupted soul meets the creepypastas? Total destruction? Chaos? Or maybe the unthinkable? What happens when zalgo finds out? Will they take advantage of you? Or will they be the ones to heal your dead heart? Maybe both. But what you do know is that once you make your choice there is no going back.....

Bobcake01 Bobcake01 4 days ago
Sans: daddy daddy there's a hot topic over there
                              Gaster: now Sans don't look at it I don't want you to be influenced by- OH GOD NO SANS WHAT HAPPENED 
                              Sans:*turns into underfell sans* Shut it dad its who I am
                              Gaster: NOO SANS
falconluver falconluver Jan 27
Yea like ppl believe that earth is a fhxking frisbee floating in space
The killer name Midnight fits so perfectly with my name 'Luna'
seasong15 seasong15 Feb 09
Wtf? Manpon? What does that even mean? Is it even a word? 
                              *random person* the world will never know :3
                              Omg where did you come from 0-0
EtherealDemons EtherealDemons Mar 27, 2016
This has greatly captured my attention. Please keep up the good work.
I wonder why they are moving hmmm..oh wait ahehehem...JEFF IS GOING BACK TO HEEEEEELLLL