The  Mysterious Type (OHSHC)

The Mysterious Type (OHSHC)

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Roni Potter By RoniPotter Updated Jul 27, 2016

Toshiro Nakamowa, or Shiro, a 17 year old kendo prodigy who doesn't really enjoy having to be forced to be the best. The Nakamowa family has been at odds with the Morinozuka family for years and ever since the Morinozuka's and the Haninozuka's stopped their rivalry it only got a whole lot harder for Shiro. His father continually pushed him to be number one and if he was anything less he got severally punished.  He doesn't talk much and tends to stay away from people from getting to close. Relationships weren't allowed within his family if there was nothing to gain from it. It made it more difficult  that Shiro was born different from his family. Silver hair, amber eyes, and to top it off he was gay, but of course that would never bore over well his father so he has kept that little secret hidden from everyone.  

Most of his days ran normal at Ouran Academy, well they did until he met Tamaki Suoh and was offered, or more like forced into a position in the Host Club. Thinking about the connections he could make with his family and others he decided to do it. Of course Shiro didn't realize that Takashi and Mitsukuni were going to be there. Should he go ahead and risk trying to make friends with them or will he be doomed to face his father's wrath.

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SakuNina SakuNina Jul 30
                              SOPANINI CHEREDO
                              no? Ok how bout dis
                              I SEE YOU COME
                              I WATCH YOU GO
                              YOU NEVER SEEM TO LEAVE ME THO
Lizie17 Lizie17 Apr 10
A black sheep is a person that everybody thinks is a mistake or a mess up. The treat them worse then the others.
All right...I will add Victor😉into the list of silver hair boys under age of 50
SakuNina SakuNina Jul 30
U sure
                              Ranmaru Kurosaki
I ended up reading a paragraph of this aloud in a really sexy voice is that bad i didnt even notic lord call the ambulance
LuciferBSKL LuciferBSKL Oct 01
There is Kakashi,Allen Walker and other guys that I forgot lol oh wait Sugawara,Gokudera,Shion,Shiro aka Aldolf.K Wiseman,Katsuki and bla bla bla