Step Father

Step Father

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"One" he says going a little faster. 

He sits back up and goes deeper. 

"Twwooo" i moan out. 

"Threee" and i let loose. I scream out his name. I feel him fill the condom up inside of me. 

He groan out yelling out curse words. 

He leans back down. 

"You, baby girl, i love you"

Mine's would of have me meeting the death god  before my time!
If I ever talk to my parents like that, I will be running around the house trying to avoid being hit with a cooking stick or a belt.
I would have got snatched back in that house with the quickness
I'm not going to lie everyone thinking about but you know WHITE PEOPLE
laric759 laric759 Oct 05
Boi if i did that my momma would have smacked the black off me. Literally.
Soooo good so far i think i will really enjoy this series :)