Step Father

Step Father

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"One" he says going a little faster. 

He sits back up and goes deeper. 

"Twwooo" i moan out. 

"Threee" and i let loose. I scream out his name. I feel him fill the condom up inside of me. 

He groan out yelling out curse words. 

He leans back down. 

"You, baby girl, i love you"

Okay that’s a bit too much. Imagine how she felt when she found out her husband was dead because of herself. I know your mad but she’s your mother and I certainly don’t think she meant to do it.
maybejane maybejane Sep 10
bruh I can't even sigh without my mom telling me to change my attitude the fuuuh 😱
Honestly they'd murder me and bring me back just to do it again haha
Dude if i talkd like that
                              I wouldnt be dead
                              Theyd wanna torture me first
                              Then kill me😱
Wtf girl , just slit his throat while he's sleeping ,runaway and become a cool serial killer (it's more fun )
D*mn girl just set it out there then she letting it be known her mama ain't got nun on her😭😭not that she don't have bad vision but she don't see competition 👀🙅🏽