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Step Father

Step Father

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MsSacha By MsSacha Completed

"One" he says going a little faster. 

He sits back up and goes deeper. 

"Twwooo" i moan out. 

"Threee" and i let loose. I scream out his name. I feel him fill the condom up inside of me. 

He groan out yelling out curse words. 

He leans back down. 

"You, baby girl, i love you"

Seriously? Hahah you should have said daddy and babygirl time
_March _March Jan 22
Everyone is already climaxing at the idea of Beckham as a step dad. I wonder how it'll be like if there's one of him as the biological dad. 😭😂
If you don't get your white áss back here I s2g I'll beat your áss for your mother
cwea9873 cwea9873 Aug 11, 2016
Lol, definitely sounds kinky with a bit of a double-meaning behind it....but, why do I actually find this really adorable af??
I feel like people gonna come at me for this, but I don't find David TOO attractive. Like I can totally see what's appealing, but he just seems too perfect 😩
Dat_Jesus_dude Dat_Jesus_dude Aug 12, 2016
Really? Don't u have to do an initiation thing b4 u smoke weed? 
                              I only did that once. My best guy friend (my bf now) said I have to do an initiation thing. 
                              But he was already smoking wee-
                              Oh my lord. 
                              Me and him never smoked again, We only smoked cuz it was the night of our graduation.