Love Is Blind [boyxboy love story]

Love Is Blind [boyxboy love story]

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Baby By BeastlyBeauty Completed

Adam Jones has grown up in a world that seems to be against him in every turn.  He has no family to speak to.  He can't hold a job.  He doesn't seem to be able to stay in touch with friends.  And he can't seem to find a boyfriend who loves him. 

After a terrible accident, Adam is left blind and has to be left in the care of his teenage crush as well as his two lovers.  After growing up so independent and fearless, he can't help but feel as if his life is meant meaningless.  And ironically enough, he meets someone just as miserable as he is: his new neighbor, Adrian.

Adrian Kowalski hasn't been able to hold down a job in months, it's amazing he's even able to keep his apartment.  His only talents remain in his art and his guitar, but that means nothing in New York.  After meeting the "blind boy", he finds himself with a job of looking after him while his friends leave for work and school.

And that's when the chaos begins.


Originally called "Blinding Love".

((This is a stand-alone novel; but you can read a story about the other characters in the much more shorter Double Vision.))

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LuluM69 LuluM69 Nov 21, 2017
noooo 😭😭😭😭😭 he is my baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 but we can share him : parental custody i think it's called or something like that 🤔
ZoeLamb ZoeLamb Jun 02, 2017
Awww I havent read their book, but this threesome is kinda cute
ZoeLamb ZoeLamb Jun 02, 2017
Flip flops arnt the best choice when ur walking blind for the first time
DeepWadeWood DeepWadeWood Nov 18, 2016
"Soft wool hat" not "soft wool had", you asked for them so please don't hate me for pointing out a mistake
- - Jan 31, 2017
                              How do you expect me to fo that
                              When I cant see da damn bed
glitterallymaggie glitterallymaggie Oct 03, 2016
Same but I'm half blind and a pansexual female so not really same at all