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"You don't know me, no one does," I said in a voice just above a whisper. 

"Then let me in, I want to know you," he exclaimed clutching onto my arms so I couldn't escape. 

I looked into his eyes that were swirling with so much emotion, "I'm- I'm messed up.."

"I don't care, everyone's messed up!" He threw his hands up in frustration letting go of me. 

"I'm more than others," I said quietly turning around and starting to walk off. 

"Jackie, I love you!" He called desperately. 

I smiled halfheartedly, "If only that was true."


Jackie used to be that kid that got picked on and that had no friends. Until a boy changed her life. It's senior year of a new school, Jai Boarding School. In her last school she was the Bad Girl to the bullies. She doesn't stand Players, Cheats, Bullies and Queen Bitches. She's the one that's everyone's scared of but secretly like. Will that change at her new school? And who will she meet?

I shall refer to them as the plastics simply because Mean Girls.
_SandyC _SandyC Jun 04
Awe. They left on good terms then. That's good. Not the typical "he cheated! Now I'm changing myself" story.
Lol and im only 13 tomorrow and i already wrote a sex scene for a fanfic but i didnt post😂
I MEAN YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER! But grade 7 has 12 and 13 year olds.... Not very possible for this to happen but I love the plot
_Nafeesa_ _Nafeesa_ Jul 24
Finally a book that is base in England. Not that there's anything wrong with books based in America.
fourkisses fourkisses Aug 21
This is only the first chapter and I feel sooo sad like crying