Typical // Frerard

Typical // Frerard

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Frank Iero: typical failed fuckboy, typically doesn't give a fuck about anything or anyone.

Gerard Way: typical moody teenager, typically wavering under the attack of both his parents and bullies.

ChatRoom: typical fuckboy app where people like Frank Iero can typically send pictures of their dicks to unsuspecting random people like Gerard.

Love: Something which typically doesn't happen when you mix the other three. But, who knows, right?


Short Story: About 6-7 Chapters


im more like a deformed pancake that even the shitiest dinner threw out because it was to ugly
JacketSlutt JacketSlutt Feb 26
Ok but my dad always gets mad at me for listening to music cause I always have my earbuds and whatever and he says that I'm never gonna get into the real world and bugs me and yeah
SamNagasawa SamNagasawa Jan 04
You don't know sh*t, sh*t, sh*t
                              Don't know a god damn thing about me