The Breeder

The Breeder

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Alex Nadeau By AlexNadeau Updated Oct 11, 2014

Hanna's POV

There was no sensation better than this one, getting to find out how powerful and what rank I'd be in. Tonight was the night that my first wolf would sprout and I would find out who my mate was and where I would stand in the pack, only two minutes left. The jitters took over my body, knowing it would be the worst pain I'd ever feel freaked me out, but my readiness to be completely part of the pack kept me going. 

I would either be a luna, the highest rank for a female. A fighter, which meant I could help with combat. A hunter, which meant I could track and kill with the other hunters of the pack or a breeder, the worst position any female could have all you did was get pregnant all the time  to the males of the pack to produce more males and a bigger pack population. While deep in thought my body started to convulse and pain swept through me... BLACK OUT.

Doctors POV

Hey eyes fluttered open from her new form, a beautiful specimen. She was a gorgeous russet wolf with vib...

wolf_lover08 wolf_lover08 Oct 29, 2013
Please continue I love it! If I were you I would right al least 3 chapters before posting one by one. TTYL
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Ohh I loved the chapter!.. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!!.. :-)
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Please continue this book I really enjoyed the first 2 chapters and I'm excited to know what else happens