Predator or Prey ➳ D. Salvatore [COMPLETED]

Predator or Prey ➳ D. Salvatore [COMPLETED]

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♔ Turtle momma By the1andonlytifftiff Completed

"The only question now is; which one of us is the predator and which one is the prey?"

A vampire and a vampire hunter, who knew?


WARNING: VERY Slow Burn. Unedited.

Seasons 3-6


Finished Writing: 5/25/16
Completed: 7/23/16

Won best Damon Fanfic in the TVDCommunity's Fanfic Awards 07/10/2016

Won Best Human OC in the TVDCommunity's Fanfic Awards 07/10/2016

Won Strongest Character in the TVDCommunity's Fanfic Awards 07/10/2016

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Bughead2005 Bughead2005 Apr 01
I know teen wolf has nothing to do with this but I wonder what Scott would say about this😂😏
I’m so glad I read this part 😂😂😶 I apologize in advance
Zukilover16 Zukilover16 Mar 08
I'm not able to watch Teen Wolf because I don't have all the seasons, and after watching the first episode, I was hooked. I wanted to watch more.
roksi195 roksi195 Mar 22
Thats like my 10th time reading this I read is so much but accidentally deleted the book from my library so happy I found it again. 🙄
But why ? Who cares if their is a comparison with Allison and Carter I would like that but seriously not here to bring hate or anything nor agitate anyone I am strikly here to read a good book.
how do you even watch teen wolf for free? please tell me lol. netflix are lameos.