d a d d y | meanie | seventeen

d a d d y | meanie | seventeen

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Ren & Hadles By ahxzelox Updated May 05, 2016

The teacher stared at the paper in front of him, skimming over the words as I stood idly by, casually scrolling through my phone as I waited for him to actually do his job. My phone buzzed in my hand, my eyes immediately moving to the top of the screen where a notifcation popped up for Instagram.

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94jinhwan 94jinhwan Jul 16, 2016
the reason why I breathe everyday because I know that yaoi exist
lame-heck lame-heck Jan 09
what do you mean who he knows no one who else is it gonna be
Phoebe2003 Phoebe2003 Nov 14, 2016
I will stay like I stayed glued to my couch during Scarlet Heart Ryeo. (It is such a good drama, but it's so sad and heartbreaking!)
suchadork suchadork Jan 11
ok im not gonna lie im just alive to see this moment gO MINGHAO