daddy >> meanie fanfic

daddy >> meanie fanfic

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Wren & Hadles By whxzelox Updated May 05, 2016

My phone buzzed in my hand and my eyes immediately moved to the top of the screen where a notification popped up.

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xxgoomigo xxgoomigo Oct 06
Wow, sounds so dirty.
                              But... Eum..
                              Is this korean or american? 😂
                              Sounds like I read an american one 😂
                              You're nothing when you're still virgin on 17 lol
                              But it is good
This is so FVCKING WELL WRITTEN I CANT! Your so talented! Like how this is written is PERFECT. Your an AMAZING writer!🙌🏻😍😍
_hoesock_ _hoesock_ 3 days ago
Nah hun, the only game Hansol playing is Mario cart and Seungkwan
lcveclubs lcveclubs Jul 16, 2016
the reason why I breathe everyday because I know that yaoi exist
Phoebe2003 Phoebe2003 Nov 14, 2016
I will stay like I stayed glued to my couch during Scarlet Heart Ryeo. (It is such a good drama, but it's so sad and heartbreaking!)