daddy >> meanie fanfic

daddy >> meanie fanfic

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Wren & Hadles By whxzelox Updated May 05, 2016

My phone buzzed in my hand and my eyes immediately moved to the top of the screen where a notification popped up.

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Yepity Yepity May 11
if you did those types is favors, then you’re no better than those slutty girls
MingyuChest MingyuChest Mar 10
I'm that student who can sleep half the class, wake up, finish the work because I'm smart, turn it in and boom:A and B honor roll
Yepity Yepity May 11
that reminds me of that one video of the kid staring down the camera at a baseball game-
MingyuChest MingyuChest Mar 10
I'm that one person who's friends with a bad group so people ask:"Introduce me to them"
mjsinn mjsinn Apr 13
I'm one of those who doesn't even try and only draws then gets high grades
Bluefuntime Bluefuntime Mar 14
I’m that loud bitch at the corner of the room laughing at everything