The Blue-eyed Adonis™ (Boy x Boy)

The Blue-eyed Adonis™ (Boy x Boy)

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Once a nurse, now a trolley boy at S Tower. Darryl Mckinley is contented with his job until he stumbled upon the boss of the company he's working at.

	It shouldn't be a bother to him but when he realized that the boss was Blue Sanders, the patient he has shared a horrible past with, Darryl seems to be so anxious to resign. However, Blue has a  better idea. Will Darryl survive?

Find out in The Blue-eyed Adonis


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  • lgbt
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So i am gonna call my boss as ISADORA... such a cheap name.. Sounds so domestic..✌
Nth time reading. Still heart wrenching (both in positive and negative ways). Hope you'd continue creating stories here on Wattpad
Ul nvr know. He may look hot but who knows he myt have an STD. hahahahahaha
C_Breezy C_Breezy Aug 07
This is why you introduce yourself first... that way you can keep your job 😂🙈😂😂
U know i always do that in my workplace but it seems ISADORA is a jerk. Hahahahahaha
shiroiokemi shiroiokemi Oct 29, 2016
i had to look up what a trolley boy is i'm in america we call them buggey's