The Blue-eyed Adonis™ (Boy x Boy)

The Blue-eyed Adonis™ (Boy x Boy)

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Once a nurse, now a trolley boy at S Tower. Darryl Mckinley is contented with his job until he stumbled upon the boss of the company he's working at.

	It shouldn't be a bother to him but when he realized that the boss was Blue Sanders, the patient he has shared a horrible past with, Darryl seems to be so anxious to resign. However, Blue has a  better idea. Will Darryl survive?

Find out in The Blue-eyed Adonis


Nth time reading. Still heart wrenching (both in positive and negative ways). Hope you'd continue creating stories here on Wattpad
C_Breezy C_Breezy Aug 07
This is why you introduce yourself first... that way you can keep your job 😂🙈😂😂
shiroiokemi shiroiokemi Oct 29, 2016
i had to look up what a trolley boy is i'm in america we call them buggey's
FuckBeingSingle FuckBeingSingle Aug 23, 2016
Im new here. This is the first story i have read. This is good af. Finished this story half a day. And wow just wooow!!! Felt Darryl's pain and happiness. This story is hart hart.
Standing_Ovation Standing_Ovation Jan 19, 2016
I ❤ this already great writing and excellent enthusiasm when describing the characters personality, I like how you describe the old woman as a terrorist and not just a mean woman!
LuxuryCat LuxuryCat Nov 27, 2013 I've read this but haven't commented on it, so it's my mission to give you my love in every each chapter...LOVE YA...♥ ♥