MINE!!!! (Book 2 of Werewolf series Kevin's story)

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Kevin Forman is Logan's best friend. He died and was brought back to life. He's a funny smart ass werewolf, but loyal to his friends. Everything is good for him all he needs now, is his mate...
    Alexandria Tomas is a white magic wolf sent to help a pack find their way back.  She has been tortured and beat and treated like a slave. Will she be able to get over her fear of people in order to accept her mate?
just finished the first book and it was amazing .....can't wait to read this one
i love your story but Im not able to find book 3 or book 6 could u help me please can't wait to read the next book
I am officially in love with your writting! i am going to read all ure books!
awwwwww although i love #TeamKevin right now im always going be #TeamRicky lol
Absolutely love your books can't put them down you are such a good writer I feel everything you write woo hoo it's hot lol
i love the first book and i cant wait to read this one sounds lyk its not gonna b easy for kevin