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Just your average brown skinny girl in a room full of thick thighs and fat asses. How could I compete with that?

SKIN is about a 18 year old girl by the name of Sincerity Moore. Growing up Sin was bullied for how she looked. Being a skinny dark-skin female in her community wasn't praised instead it was put on the back burner. Sin stuggled with loving herself because of others. But when one of the most feared men in Atlanta Hassan Matthews crosses paths with Ms. Moore he begins to teach her a few things, like how to love herself. Unfornately with every hood love tale comes a load of drama. Sin's childhood best-friend Nasir Jones returns into her life in need of a favor, that could ultimately cost a life, maybe even her's. 

Will Sin be a loyal friend and put her life on the line for her bestfriend? Or will her loyalty suddenly lie in the hands of someone else?  

published: 1/21/16

  • black
  • girls
  • highschool
  • hood
  • love
  • skinny
  • thick
  • urban
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Same ..but i got a lil booty back there . it's not flat but it aint fat . it's ..getting there ☺
why is this me. like everybody wanna be skinny until it’s time to get picked on
I feel like guys are more attracted to females for their body parts most days and it's annoying, guys always be like "I want a thick girl" and always downgrade skinny girls😕
I'm Insecure to I hate that I have a gut😭😭😥😥😥my insecurities is ruining my life
kkdollar78 kkdollar78 Oct 13
Girl my mom bout thicker than a snicker and I'm over here looking like a F'ing toothpick, Smh
femalegoat femalegoat Aug 02
dang some of y'all better than me. my first kiss was at my babysitters house with this cute little Hispanic boy behind the couch...i was 4...😭😭💀