It's Not You, It's Me (Kellic M-preg)

It's Not You, It's Me (Kellic M-preg)

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Vic and Danielle planned it all. Got married, bought a house down in California, and got someone to surrogate for them since Danielle can't have kids. 

But when Vic was on his way to California and he gets a call from Danielle telling him he can't do it anymore. 

"W-what did I do wrong? Was it me or...?" Vic felt he tears coming up as he waited an answer from his wife. 

Danielle sighed. "It's not's me." 

Few weeks later and Vic was still heart broken until someone knocked on his door, he opened it to see a raven haired male standing there with a smile. The surrogate wasn't a female but a male.

8th y mi mama tambien habla asi de rapido and I love how you incorporated Spanglish porque mucha gente habla de esta manera :)
Why is everyone mad about this,
                              With her out of the way the Kellic ship can sail
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Why are there so many 12 year olds jeez guys when I was twelve all I could think about was mlp and Miranda sings
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8th and oh god you've reminded me of school I have to start again tomorrow whyyyy
6th in supposed to be in 7th but the month I was born in made me go to 6th
I was taking my graduation pics this morning at school, and he said "imagine a man pregnant!" To make us laugh or something idk.
                              I guess he got his wish?😂