Truth or Dare? I choose Truth. ||Lesbian Story|| ||Second book||

Truth or Dare? I choose Truth. ||Lesbian Story|| ||Second book||

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Sophia Cac By Sophia_Knight389 Updated Jan 04, 2017

Second Book of ||Truth or Dare|| 
-"I'll get her. I will make sure she'll pay for taking away the person I love the most."-

Sophia Miami. She was once a normal girl who fell deeply in love -Once again- to the girl she never expect that she would have forget. All have been great to her life with the girl she dream of having a family, but a stalker have ruined everything for her.

The stalker have introduce herself as Zoe Valentine, but as Sophia try to figure out a way to bring down her own stalker down, the path that she walked into have unfold some stories that was suppose to be keep as secret.

She never thought that she'll ever become the person she is now. Revenge is the only thing have cross her mind. She have done so many thing that brought her to the path where things are hard to forget.

Its been 2 years since the person she loved died. Its been 2 years of her training with Samantha, a 29 years old assassin. Samantha was professional with her job and she thought Sophia everything she knows. 

-"This is not some kind of love story where everything will turn out right!"-

-"It's no longer a love story, it have become a love mystery."-

Made the cover on Canva, you guys should check it out and try. It's easy to use :D

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