To Love a Hybrid

To Love a Hybrid

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JodieHiggins By ShadowDespenser Updated Jul 28, 2016

Hybrids. The one thing that all supernatural species feared most. An abomination. Thought of as grotesque, deformed animals set to destroy order. There was nothing beautiful about Hybrids, they disgraced all kinds of supernatural beings. Those that disobeyed the laws of interspecies mating payed with their lives. Those unlucky enough to grow up as a Hybrid were slaughtered. But what if the the last Hybrid was hiding right under the Lycan Kings nose?  

Kade Turner wanted a strong mate just as consumed in darkness as he was.

Evangeline Portman wanted a mate that just loved and accepted her for what she was.

Fate can be a cruel thing.

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  • lycan
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  • werewolf
greensmoothiegoblin greensmoothiegoblin Mar 15, 2017
IRON MAIDEN YOU SAY!? *proceeds to (Aces)High-five Bruce Dickinson*
AnnandiDiaram AnnandiDiaram Apr 03, 2017
Ok i need some explanations. Im new to werewolf books. Whats a Beta, alpha and Luna? And who's Riley?
Superkk00 Superkk00 Aug 14, 2016
Ok so I thought a werewolf and Lycan were the same thing can someone explain the difference to me?
Jezza_Tomlinson Jezza_Tomlinson Nov 21, 2016
I could only hear 'Until now...' in Markiplier's voice! 😂😂😂