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𝙞 𝙙 𝙞 𝙤 𝙩 By trblfucks Completed

little pussy jeonmi ends up being roommates with a cool, handsome and talented idol.

- previously named " roommates with an alien " -


  • bts
  • jeonghan
  • jhope
  • jimin
  • jin
  • jungkook
  • rapmonster
  • suga
  • taehyung
CFP2005 CFP2005 Apr 09, 2017
when ur reading wattpad then ur mom comes in the room and u pretend to study be like:
InMultipleFandomz InMultipleFandomz Jan 28, 2017
...I love this already cause you have JEONGHAN MEH AGONIZINGLY BOOTIFUL BIAS WRECKER
VinZinSwag VinZinSwag Feb 14, 2017
Do you remember AlannahSwag? If you do I'm the same person I just have a new profile.
CookiezAreAwsome CookiezAreAwsome Dec 23, 2016
That cover page!! That was my first yaoi anime!!! Ahh I love it so much! He was so kute!! And his eyes are goals!!
ranshibuki1001 ranshibuki1001 May 28, 2016
OMO BTS x SEVENTEEN OMGOMGOMG <insert dying whale noises here>
                              But when am I gonna see a BTS x iKON??
channietaetae5767 channietaetae5767 Jul 16, 2016
Tho I would look ugly and weird but being a chicken hybrid would be great cause onew and Kai would love me (and probably eat me but that's not the point)