arms: a prequel // {phan}

arms: a prequel // {phan}

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E.H. By strawb3rryvib3s Updated Oct 26, 2016

Summary: ARMS // PREQUEL
Beginnings are always curious; they take you back to a time before you knew someone, back to when they were an entirely different person. Beginnings are dark, and messy, and new.

This is before the smiles, before the grey, before the black black black and ohmygod blue. back to a simpler time, full of innocence and nativity.

Rating/Warnings: Mature Readers (READ AT OWN RISK). This story may contain topics of depression, cutting, anxiety, panic attacks, assault, suicide, minor character death, gay slurs, violence and gore, and minor sexual content. If any of the listed content triggers you, please do not read.

Please do not copy and post my story anywhere else or create an "adaptation" of my work. Thank you.

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Thank you for the explanation 
                              It is very much appreciated
The-Gajuar The-Gajuar Sep 02
I shouldn't find this cute
                              Ugghhhh🤤 someone kill me please
i think it was his mental illness because he wished for dan to find a "sky" and wanted him to be happy and then there was that other part and idk but that sounds sort of schizophrenic to me
0f3li4 0f3li4 Jun 10
oH i forgot he was called aaron
                              burr give us a verse drop some knowledge
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nyatherfucker nyatherfucker Apr 04, 2016
Love you to the moon and back
                              I got you
                              Blackblackblack and ohmygodblues
                              These are my favorite