Hell is loose (1) [Klaroline]

Hell is loose (1) [Klaroline]

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Amalie By amalieaunstrup Completed

It's been six months since Caroline graduated high school and she is still stuck in Mystic Falls, fighting Silas and trying to find Stefan. 

When the world seems to fall apart around her, Caroline makes a decision; to go to New Orleans and ask for help from the person they spent so much time figthing: Klaus. 

But is he willing to help or has he moved on?

[Takes place after season four of TVD]

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  • klaus
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-Why do you always have to prove that you're the alpha male 
                              -I don't have to prouve anything love, I'm the alpha male
depreshion depreshion Jul 17
Im rereading this and so many memories are coming back oh boy
loubeargurl loubeargurl 6 days ago
From the description I knew I just had to read this book , n omg the first chap is better than what I thought it would be 😍😍😍😍
Then Caroline can go to Klaus and be with someone better than you.
RedFairy17 RedFairy17 Aug 20, 2016
Go chew on a bone Tyler...You're not worthy to have caroline.
- - May 25, 2014
You make the characters sound so much like the real thing!! I can picture it!!! Fantastic!!