Golden Days (A Benny Weir/My Babysitters A Vampire Fanfic)

Golden Days (A Benny Weir/My Babysitters A Vampire Fanfic)

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Addi By Addi_Hart Updated Aug 07, 2016

A young freshman girl named, Emily Morgan, has had some pretty strange things happen to her lately. She can see what is going to happen before it happens sometimes, and she now has to have a babysitter thanks to her younger sister Jane. 

It was the Morgan twins, Ethan and Emily's, first day of high school that changed their lives. Ethan's best friend, Benny, turned out to be a spell master, Emily's best friend, Rory, got turned into a vampire, and they made two new vampire friends, Sarah and Erica, and the twins themselves are seers, and psychic with each other. Let's just say this is going to be fun. Magic and vampires is always what Emily wanted, and now she has it but she also has more. One thing that she does not know is that one of her best friends, Benny, has a ginormous crush on her and has for a while. What will happen when she finds out? Emily Morgan might just get everything she ever wanted.....


Limegreengreenie Limegreengreenie Jun 09, 2016
Finally!!! A book with the character named EMMA 
                              THANK YOU!!!
tdfmellark tdfmellark Jan 27
So she make out with her brother and then finds out that's a no no and goes for you after
Thank you. In this part no one ever gives Rory the money. Such a nice author.