Coffee // Yoongi

Coffee // Yoongi

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NCT HOE By ramunee Updated 2 days ago


; ❝ Come on this isn't the first time i saw them. Don't be shy baby girl. ❞ 

; ❝ Can you not please. I'm not your baby girl. ❞ 


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ramunee ramunee 2 days ago
Because I wanted to make it sound like yoongi so the first thing that came into my mind was yung ee and I was too lazy to search proper names shoooo ;;
ramunee ramunee 2 days ago
Yunno the jacket jungkook wore in run dance practice it’s that and it’s supreme so ya it’s expensive uwu it’s the not the food place LOLOL
jxrul3 jxrul3 Aug 11, 2017
AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA go ask you pretty little security guards to buy it for you *leaves*